Thursday, August 18, 2005

Let's write this down

Goodness begets goodness
I am sure that this is not what people have in their minds everyday. It would be probably more of, taking care of themselves, or don't give everything to others. The truth of the matter is, I would suggest that people are actually more afraid of others than what they actually think. In the animal kingdom, isn't it that animals are actually always in a state of fear? Most are defensive when not eating, and offensive when eating. Isn't it that we always hear from those animal lovers/vets/wildlife officers that animals only attack when they are mostly threatened? Obviously goodness begets goodness is not a natural state of affair for the animal kingdom. However, I wonder if this would be natural for the human race. I certainly don't see this everyday. But this is what my late Lola Lady Remedios Samala told me. And it also makes sense even if the world seems cruel and cold. Goodness gives out goodness, goodness cannot come out of evil or evil cannot come out of goodness. I'm just having a hard time seeing this in actuality.


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