Sunday, May 21, 2006

Say Cheese, Chucky

Mom taking photos of son: Smile, sweetie.
[click click]
Mom: Smile from within, honey.
[click click]
Mom: Smiling from within means smile like you're happy on the inside.
[click click]
Mom: Okay, not that much.

--Prospect Park

This is courtesy of overheard in new york website. I am going to advertise this wonderful website because whenever I feel bored or just want to smile or even laugh, the things you read in this site surely doesn't let you down. I am sure you will find something to laugh about or to the least smile about.


Here is what I don't get. Why can't we teach the things we don't learn in school in school? Right? I mean we must have spent almost a quarter of our lives dedicated to soaking up as much information and know-how, but some say we can't really learn practicality in school? I sometimes wonder if people just want to appear full of wisdom when they say that life is the greatest teacher of all or that you don't learn everything in school. If they are true and correct, does this mean that we don't need to go to school? Or that school is even better part-time rather than full-time? Then why send people to school and encourage them to think for themselves only to spit back at them about wordly sensibilities and practicalities. It is just amusing to think that when you meet certain people, and I am not saying everyone, when they rationalize and justify they always end up feeling they are correct. It is as if everyone with a reason is right! I argued this with my older sister the other day and she ended up confused because I told her that everyone has their own respective reasons that they are assumingly fighting for. To appease her troubled mind and maybe for my sake as well, I added that whoever is right is a matter of rule of law, conviction, principles, evidence and social agreement.


I still haven't started studying for the LET this coming Aug. The thought of it makes me want to slack off righ away. Still continuing to live day by day. My weezing and weak lungs are giving me a hard time to breathe, especially in the middle of the night and in the afternoon. My mom is not very happy about it. I still live with my parents as well as my other siblings. I have come to accept my condition, and I am content to say the least. I have no ambition to go up against the tides just to prove I can swim or reach the other side. This side is good. I can feed off from this side. But if ever I have to swim across to the other side once more, maybe I'll do it when the conditions are just right for me or if possible or if the situation calls for it. For now, hakuna matata!


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