Monday, May 22, 2006

Ano ito?

I am 23 turning 24 but still there hasn’t been any developments… turning 25 soon and I should develop a plan of some sort so. But then again, I don’t want to be overzealous and panic planning. I want a life, but I don’t want to be frantic or be fanatic about it. What I am now, is nothing new to society. I am just one of the many specs of star dust in the system of life on earth and of human history. I am sure I am just repeating a pattern which is not written because it would be so trivial.

Many people my age are already working and earning their time to be integrated into any system they are working for. Some would have probably have started earlier. And a few, well for some reason or another wouldn’t have to worry about integration; either because they are dead or just because they are filthy rich. It would probably take two to three years for majority of the population but for some maybe one to one and a half years or less. Some will probably start their own businesses and will most likely fail two to three times. Only a few will really be called the fortunate and lucky ones because they will not shift careers, be happy and have it easy with money or better yet become richer than the majority of the population. At least nine-tenth of the population would probably be dreaming of something greater and the rest would just take it easy again because they really don’t have to dream or they are at least content where they are; but then again that would be purely impossible knowing how human beings behave. After five years or so most of my generation would have settled down and married someone (or at least will have a child), become fairly successful in their respective careers and field, or tragically a bum or dead. By 30s life would have reached a plateau and those who are kind of slow would have at least caught up with their contemporaries or not. Most of the personal issues would be changed with family or social issues.

When the generation is in the late 30s up to early 40s they would be emerging already as mentors to the next generation. This is the time where their passion is waning and they are all ready to pass the torch to the next generation. Some would start getting sick and start dying off in the late 40s and early 50s. This is the time of generation information exchanged to the young adults who in turn will bleed the information to the teens, but sometimes because of the diversity in the younger generation information tend to be generalized and lose their original context and specificity. Or it could be the reverse and the older ones keep quiet and don’t share.

By late 50s, most of the generation would already be dead or dying. Those remaining are either enjoying the fruits of their labor or just beginning to really sky rocket to success. Since they already spent half of their lives they tend to be more of the emotions but now they are more kept and properly focused to different areas of one’s life. And majority of the remaining generation would probably concentrate on teaching the people in the late 20s to 30s about family values or being the ones in the center of the system being a matriarch or patriarch. Either way even if they are not accomplished this is the time of being a wise elder of the community.

By 60s to 70s, the generation is already reduced to a few. (already dying) Most are already content and are preparing themselves for death. They may take a more passive role and just take care of the family or the things the love until their time is up. The focus of life is leaving the world with all of the things in the head done and accomplished. The generations in the late 20s to early 50s would be starting to focus caring for the people in this age if the bond is strong or if the sense of obligation is strong or if the person’s personality is caring.

80s to 90s the generation is already gone. Most of those left are senile or are just telling stories. They are not very active and leave most of the things to the rest of the generation.

These are just speculations and I would be probably wrong. But personally I want an easy privileged life. And I don’t want to have to think about any money.


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