Sunday, May 28, 2006

To the boy that I once was...

To the boy that I once was, you were really something. If I were to meet you I would tell you all the things I know right now, because it wouldn't have made any difference and probably you would not have listened. I know you very well. You are very stubborn and you crave someone to teach you new things and show you the way.
Stay away from making unesessary comments. When there is an oppurtunity where someone likes you grab it, don't be afraid to commmit.
If you are feeling that you are connecting with someone go with it because you have nothing to lose. If you feel sad and and unsure of the future, don't because there is no point worrying about it because it wouldn't change anything.
If you happen to be with people who smoke, don't smoke.
If someone talks to you, be friendly and reply courteously.
Make friends and not enemies.
Do not mind what other people are doing, because they don't care about what you are doing. Attend your classes and don't miss it even for a Need for Speed movie showing in Robinsons place in Ermita.
Dress more nicely.
Stay groomed and neat.
Shift course to psychology or business management. Take care of your skin.
Don't volunteer comments about other people's business and about what you think they should be doing with their f*** lives.
Do not talk about your plans casually with everybody.
Be around people you know you will like to be around with.
Don't push your friends away.
Don't share too much information about yourself.
Don't fantasize. Learn how to commute.
Get a part-time job, or something that will make you some money at least for everyday use. Look good everyday.
Study very well and read more books.
Most importantly Love and Respect yourself.


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