Sunday, February 12, 2006


Here are some pictures inside my dad's office in Divisoria. These shots were taken leisurely in the afternoon. In the spirit of recording my life, these are what I see while doing some office work in Divisoria. I need to do something, this is it for the meantime who knows maybe forever. At least its better than just staying at home and watching TV all day.

This is it, life possibly full of potential (redundant), actuality is not always happening... You have your head up in the sky, and find out that being what you are is a gift and is also a curse, just because of the expectations. You find yourself being somebody you don't want to be. You find yourself waking up different. As Albert Camus is famous for, life is absurd. You use your head and end up falling from grace.

On the lighter side of life, my aunts are planning a trip tomorrow. Hopefully, I can get some pictures while I'm with my aunts. Good night.

Sleepless nights, there's this funny feeling again...


Blogger Hazard said...

Yeah thats great. Nothing wets my whistle more than an interior shot of a random office. More please

12:50 AM  

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