Wednesday, February 15, 2006

bridge under water

Getting through preparations and planning is a tougher endeavor than one can expect. The attitude as a student before was that of 'come what may'. Nowadays, every effort is signifcant and every move is like that knight and bishop trying to make a check mate. I am still fortunate to have resources and the moral support of my family. Hopefully everything checks out right. I expect this week to be productive with all the scheduled activities and planning. I need to get through all of this...

Kuya Jess,

As you know, things haven't been the way before and situations has changed.
I pray for strength and the will to carry my plans and life through.
Give me courage to face the challenges ahead.
Give me comfort and solace from everyday life.
Give me grace to deal with temptations and the will to say no to sin.

I pray for my family, friends and those people around me.
I am always at your service. Let my actions proclaim your utmost glory and will.


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