Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Love, care and a healthy young adult life

As it seems, there is a psychological frame of thought behind growing up as a young adult. From the few webpages I have read, it starts around early 20s and ends at the age of 30 or so. So far everything I have read is very interesting and I can relate with the ideas being presented. The stage I am in particular is called Erikson's 6th Stage: Intimacy vs. Isolation. The idea is at this stage you will have to be able to form good social relationship with others, or isolation and being afraid with comitting with others.

Here are some pointers one have to consider about having a succesful development in the young adult stage.
1. Physical health - I think I'm failing here. I have gained so much weight so far and I am in my heaviest as of the moment. I also have substance abuse (smoking). And lots more... my grade would be F.
2. Psychological and emotional well-being - I am a C here. I am just in the process of becoming well and trying to have a good attitude about most of the things in life.
3. Life Skills - I am average with this so a C to a B would be fair. But I still have to work on my interpersonal skills and self-efficacy.
4. Ethical behavior - I would like to rate myself but I am thinking of giving myself A for honesty (I just hope people believe this, hahahaha) and C for demonstrating care for others and an F for taking responsibility for myself.
5. Healthy family and social relationships - with friends I am bad about it, so I would probably give myself a D. With my family I have always been an active member so a B to B+ would be appropriate.
6. Educational attainment - despite not being a cum laude, I think I deserve an A here just because I was able to complete my college with a double Bachelor's degree in Secondary Religious Education and Philosophy. Hopefully I can also pursue my masteral or even a PhD in the future.
7. Civic Engagement - None as of the moment, that can be planned and worked out. But an F is very suitable for now.

So my initial evaluation of my young adult life is average at best. Let's see maybe we can turn this around and make it a more succesful young adult life.


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