Sunday, March 26, 2006

Warm Sunday

Mainit ang panahon, summer na talaga.

Guys I want you to meet Uther and Cute-cute. They're supposedly mag-jowa, friends and lifetime companions. Cute-cute is the youngest daughter of Sophie and Spunky. Uther was bought by my dad to be Sohie's kabit, but unfortunately the good for nothing dog was unnatural when it comes to sex. Yes, when you taught sex is so easy, here is a dog that disapproves everything you know about it. Uther is so gadamn clueless about where to put his wohoo! Even with help from dextrous hands, it just misses the mark. And so we thought that maybe he is meant for someone else, Cute-cute. Cute-cute just had her "visitor" and is in heat. So as we normally paired them and watched for developments. Nothing. Sometimes he moves into position but then... hay, it is so frustrating!


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