Friday, March 10, 2006

But I thought...?

This morning, I got out of bed around 6:30 and got dressed by 7:00 am. My younger sister didn't have any class, or that she's sick, anyway she wasn't going to school either way, so my brother and I were riding together. I went downstairs to have breakfast. I got some coffee, everyone was quiet. My dad told me to commute back home. But then Xavier is not LSGH that you can say that it's near the MRT station, so I just thought of riding a taxi on the way home.

And so I arrived pretty early 7:35, there were other applicants as well. I didn't bother talking to any of them, I just didn't feel talkative this morning. There was even a chinese teacher applicant, interseting. And so we waited. I think the other applicant were friends because they were taking to each other constantly, giggling and making comments. It was all blah, blah, blah, I didn't understand anything. And so after a while, we were all requested to proceed to the testing room as before. We waited again. And then I was the first one to be given a test. The others were there for their first interview, they were nervous I guess, because they were releasing it to chit chat, which was annoying, because I was in the room answering the test given to me. By the way, It was a personality test, with a 300 item true or false. And then, there was also fill in the blanks, and a ten sentence essay about a certain topic of your choice... I finished around 10 and submitted the answer sheet and questionare in the window outside the testing room. And then the HR lady told me to wait for a call to schedule me for a panel interview. Stage complete! On to the next.

So as instructed by my dad earlier, I went and got a taxi. I crossed ortigas avenue using the pedestrian bridge, and as I was going down I was able to hail a taxi. And then I told the driver to Quezon Avenue, National Bookstore, daan na lang po tayo ng Tomas Morato. Okay in the taxi we were listening to Ted and Korina, and they were talking about the Pinoy Big Brother, teen edition auditions. Ted and Korina are really good at making funny comments and conversations. And so we arrived at National and it was P75. And that's it, I walked home and played with the dogs. Went up to my room and changed clothes. Opened the computer and now I am typing what happened this morning.


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