Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Korean food YUMMY!

My father has been bringing the whole family to this hidden gem of a Korean restaurant in Quezon City. I have learned to love eating Korean food already, give me kimchi, bulogi and all the other food I cannot even remember their names. The family really loves going to restaurants and eating. So it's not a big surprise that we all are euphemistically speaking chubby. We don't necessarily dine expensively and a we have a certain sense that if we are six or four eating and we are full to the point of bloating and we still have to pay less than 1000-1500 then we are good. I guess that's normal when eating out. My father usually doesn't feel right spending too much money eating in places like Greenbelt or TGIF or Burgoo. It's good to eat there once in a while, but we usually go Chinese or Korean. We usually argue where to eat, but of course being the man who brings the bacon home my dad usually, has the last say on the matter.

Hi Ms. Park! I really enjoy the kimchis you are giving us. The whole family enjoys your cooking :D


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