Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Old Pictures...

Around 2003s picture, newly built house

Around 2003/2004 not sure, I started fluctuating in lbs.

Earlier last year, about at the same month as this year.

I need to get a recent picture that looks good. Anyway, who can tell that from these pictures there are so many thoughts (memories) attached to it. Some are just fragments already but I can still piece them together. How time flys so swiftly... I am lucky that I have met many impressionable people. They are characters and they tend to be succesful or aim for success. What's next no? I am anticipating the next situation. Hay nakaktuwa mga tao...

My younger brother has been a very well-behaved teen. Although he has some troubles getting things done, I have to give him credit for stayin away from alcohol, cigarettes and spending time away from home and having fun. The only vice he has is computer games, and that's tolerable no grave moral implications there. My influence to him has been a uncertain. I have been afraid of perverting his mind to the extent of disfunction. However, he came out quite different. Sensible, relaxed, funny and charming. I have had discussions with topics about religion, friends, society and self-awareness, and the future. And for someone who doesn't know what to do, he can surely answer my questions pretty well. He might not realize this but the way he effortlessly decides the things he wants to do, is already planning. At least he knows himself in a good deal. He is still a diamond in the rough, but being polished is his work and duty as a person. He lacks that motivation of doing greater things, but he is doing well. I just hope he evolve more, although he is already a character and his own person.


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