Thursday, March 30, 2006

Latter Days

I just recently watched the movie Latter Days Without a doubt it can't be shown in this country, maybe in another 100 years. It's a cheezy movie. But it is still a love story where a shallow pretty person falls in love with a good/virtuous/complicated/deep pretty person. They connect and find deeper connection alongside with their initial attraction with each other. They eventually find themselves opening up, and find conflicts within themselves and from other people. They get separated and then another tries to find each other. Then the other returns to the shock of the other. And they lived happily ever after. The story is not very suprising. Although there is a twist, it's not heterosexual. So, a love story happening between two people happens transcendentally across the board. In this movie's case, it just happens to be about two dudes. But as it is, it is a fiction, or is it? I have a big hunch this kind of storyline happens frequently in the land of the "illustrados" and "fabulous masa".


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