Saturday, April 01, 2006

Late night blogging

Reflections and reminiscing of past events. It is amazing how I still manage to pull through despite of everything else. I really don't have that many possessions or just anything, and I think it's okay. So what, right? Who cares? Even if the prospect of brighter future is so hazy as of the moment, I still feel secure regardless. Deep down inside I am convinced of the grand design in all of this. I am meant to be all that I am. I am designed for a purpose. You know those stories where everybody is living clueless of the upcoming situation, and then the situation comes and they are all caught of guard. Then someone, the grand architect, reveals his plans and tells everybody that everything they have done and who they are, who they are with is all part of the plan --- for that "one purpose". Take for example the Sith Lord and what he has done with Anakin. The Sith Lord planned on taking Anakin over the dark side and conceives of schemes and grand situations only for that purpose. Or if you happen to watch Charmed they always talk about the grand design and how their hardships, disappointments, drama as well as their glory, bliss and lovelife fits the purpose of a battle versus good and evil. And no interference with the angels of death or destiny could alter the course of their lives. I feel that way right now.

Today even if it is summer time, rain has been pouring during the day. Divisoria was covered with "burak". Anyone wouldn't feel clean in that situation, even delivery boys have to consider wearing rain boots. That's how dirty Divisoria is during the rainy season. Don't ask for pictures because it is just gross, no exaggeration there.

We went home earlier today to go to an event. My mom was invited to FDAP's fashion week fashion show in the Fort, at the Tent. Beautiful people all over. Unfortunately I wasn't able to take pictures. For me it was a break from my current routine of going to Divisoria and staying at home. After the show me, my mom, ate and younger sister ate at Gourdo's. Their seared salmon is delicious. But the salad they served to my mom had a live larva crawling out of it. It was funny how she reacted. Anyway, we didn't pay for the salad but I still enjoyed my late dinner. We walked for a few minutes, bought donuts and some ice cream and headed home.


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