Friday, June 30, 2006

Should I even feel any stress?

It's Like the Movie Hitchcock Never Bothered to Film

Conductor, over speaker: Excuse me, young lady in the pink shirt. Stop holding the door!
Someone else wearing a pink shirt: But I'm not!

--E train

And Yet I Want to Stab Her with my Apartment Key Approximately 700x Less than I Do Anyone Who Has Ever Said the Word 'Y'all'

Girl #1: Your guys-- Wait how do you pluralize that?
Girl #2: You guyses.

--Kings Highway & Coney Island Ave, Brooklyn

I know that stress is a good way of knowing that you have to do things right, but sometimes it is impossible to determine anything in a given situation given that you haven't any clue as to the other variables and/or you are powerless over finding a solution to a particular problem. Which in turn causes more stress. I have to learn to take it all in and just say "gus fraba". Some are big jerks, but I know I can be a bigger jerk. Payback is a bitch. So how can you handle the pressure of the circle of life? As we all say "what comes around goes around". With my sense of justice all I know is that you have to be responsible for your mistakes. Understand the circumstances that lead you to it. Then , as all mistakes mean, there is a chance to improve and grow. GUS FRABA.


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