Wednesday, February 15, 2006

What do you think?

And so one must press on with one's mediocre existence. I'm not saying that being mediocre is bad, however how many of us can really say that their existence is superbly spectacular without doubt, speculation and can firmly associate it with memory and physical evidence? I speculate that there aren't that much. How many of us can be like Bill Gates, Mahatma Ghandhi, Pope John Paul II, Lucio Tan or Henry Sy? How many of us are considered sons and daugthers of Dr. Jose Rizal?

And so we play judging other people with our ideals and objective reasoning of perfection, up until the time when one of us rise above the rest, and become a great name in the lives of people and history.

And so we continue pleasing ourselves and everybody around us. Until fate, democracy, perseverance has its way and we reach that epitome of good living.

The only one to please is God.

What do you do when you are a subject of scrutiny? When all eyes are looking in your direction? Is it really true that God is always watching us? Is it true that He is another stranger on the bus(jeep/MRT)? What if God is one of us? What if God is just there to watch?

Becoming 'real' is already a standard, and yet becoming real entails being subject to the ideals of society. How many of us can be in that position that their opinion matters? What is realness? Does it mean being true to nature? Being true to memory? Being true to the part you are playing? And where does one get the idea of realness? Is it based on an individual's assesment of the state of affairs, or is it society's depiction of the perfect ideal? What if you are naturally good, then all your affairs are in order? What if you are naturally evil, then you are doomed in hell? Then what's the point in all the measures to reach the ideals? To be most pure? To be evil incarnate? Then what's the point in freedom? Where are we to go? Where do you run to?

I have two things in my list today, one of them was to go to PCCI to pick-up the puppies' certification of registration. I have been going back and fort to that office together with Kuya Boy and finally today everything was in order. Congratulations to APPLE and ALFIE of the Werner pup line!

Next was my trip to PRC, which was not that succesful. I have to make other preparations for me to complete my application for the LET. They should have posted new information over the website so that people can be more prepared when they go to get their application there. I don't remember having to get a transcript of records with a scanned picture on it. Oh well, I just have to get through the whole process.

C'est La Vie...


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