Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Just finished creating my lesson plan for tomorrow's demo teaching. At least the hard part is done and over with. I almost overlooked one minor mistake, instead of typing in Eighth I typed in Eight..., fortunately my sister was there to point that out. Still have to create a PowerPoint presentation, cramming is so much fun! hehehehe....

By the way, the reason why I am creating a lesson plan the night before the demo is because the supposed topic which was the 6th and 9th Commandment was changed to the 8th Commandment. So yesterday, I had to again conceptualize and research about the new topic and write a new lesson plan draft. I only had a few hours to do so because I have some work in my dad's office. Then we ate in a Korean restaurant and got back home around 9:30. By that time, my tummy is so full that I was really tired and sleepy... Procastination, bah! Wish me luck!


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