Thursday, February 23, 2006

See I am wrong...

I didn't expect a call yesterday from Xavier scheduling me for an interview at around 8am today. It made me jump out of my seat. I was really excited. So I rode with my younger sister to Greenhills this morning going to ICA. I had my interview and a critical thinking test. That's done. I'll be expecting a phone call sometime next week, by Wednesday as the good lady told me. I'm just happy Xavier called, at least they showed some interest. Also while filling up a form it kinda intrigued me when someone approached me and told me my name was familiar...don't know how to interpret that. Then I bought a new internal modem for my brother's PC. Just finished installing it, and Im now using it

I love stories, who doesn't? I just want to hear the tales that surround my name... Aren't you all at least a bit curious just what other people think of you? At first I always think that they're putting me down, but then I realized that I love that kind of drama. I love being talked about. Bad or good publicity, its always publicity. You just feel special being the topic of the conversation. What bad has he done? What good has he done? How pathetic he is, How noble he is... how handsome... nye! hahahaha...It just feeds the melodrama stories in my head. Then when people hear people say things, they say "see I'm right". But you never hear people say "see I am wrong." People reinforce their stories. Fortunately enough, I was aware of my thoughts, thanks to the landmark forum. So I'm writing it down, just because I want to write it down.


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