Friday, February 24, 2006

In the spirit of EDSA

Today in history President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo declares a state of emergency. This means she has the power and authority to twart any attempts to bring her down from power. Cory Aquino and other political leaders celebrated the 20th anniversary of the EDSA people power revolution. On the other hand, Randy David, a respected professor and political thinker, was arrested together with other civilians during a rally of protest against the government. Link to the full story can be found here(

As Filipinos, we are a nation who regards education very highly. We are illustrados and social animals. But when it comes to politics in government or in social situations, there is really something wrong. Fine we want the president out, like every other administration and decade, but the reason for it has always been the same... we don't like who is seated and they're corrupt. I know everybody in the country knows what I am saying. And now this administration is being thrown stones at because in reality it is without a doubt marred with suspicion of fraud and corruption. But then this administration fights back. It is resilient. And it has a plan. Personally, I think every president placed into office will be criticized and be blamed for every problem in the country. It is a matter of acceptance and political will, whether or not people will realize that we are living a pattern. That we are in a story called the Filipino soap opera, and that we continue to play the plot and theme througout the generations. After all who are we going to blame for all our misfortune besides God and our neighbor...there is always a contrabida, and we are the victims of a cruel plot. We also have a pretty good formula, the Americans and the other politicians could learn from us... Knowledge = power(Media/Information) + Rich = power(political)+ Church = power (moral, spiritual)+ Beauty = artista = a very ideal candidate for presidency(or any seat of power). But you know what, maybe deep down inside this is the kind of story that we really want and love.


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