Monday, February 20, 2006


What are the possibilities in life? It is infinite.

What's your story? What's your drama?
What do you tell people to justify your role, place and existence. How can you exist in the world of unlimited possibilities with your stories?

What is the truth? Can you distinguish your interpretation and stories from the objective reality? What's your excuse? Does your excuses make up your stories?

Is the world meaningless and full of nothingness? Is there still no meaning even if you make your stories. Do you know why? Do you still have stories? Do you still try to work them out? How many people do you enroll in your stories of comedy and drama? Does everyone believe you? Does everyone agree with you? If they do, then you hold the answers and truth in the world. Would you share it? Does your religion hold the truth? Then why are there still questions found in them? Does your philosophy hold the truth? Then why are there so many of them? What will you make of the things in the world if they are all stories and invented meaning? Whose stories would you believe, your own, the government, religion, the philosopher, your neighbor?

Being born is what it is. Dying is just what it is. Breathing and eating is just what it is. Then what are all of these created elements and qualities in life? Some say that animals don't have a soul because they don't have reason, stories, consciousness and language like we do. Some say that everything has its own soul. Then we are just like everything else? If animals and objects had their own interpretations how would they interpret us?

Does it mean that you have to stop creating stories? Does it mean that we have to stop creating our interpretations, our analysis and making judgment? Then what is left for us to do? Then I should stop thinking about all of this? Then what about love? What about emotions and feelings? What about connecting to someone? What about liking someone? What about caring for someone? What about hating someone? Then what about following your dreams? Then what about fulfilling destiny and your karma? What is there left to do? How do you respond if there are no right and wrong decisions and judgments? There must be right? But everything that has meaning, spirituality has interpretion, analysis and reflection in them. What about logic and reason? What do you do if interpreting is just another story that you create? What do you do if all you can write about are questions rather than absolute declarative truths? We learn that there are absolute truths and there is relativism. Is that another story? Maybe all of these questions and rationalizing are just another story and excuse.

Now can you decide which possibility to take? Where do you go? Where do you run?


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