Monday, August 22, 2005

Saturday Night

I have decided that today I will have my much missed haircut. I took my shower, splashed some baby cologned(can't afford the designer ones) and got in to my Bench board shorts and old Polo Sport shirt. I headed downstairs and asked for some cash from my aunt, who is very cranky for some reason I could not guess. After getting the cash I promised to head to Parco grocery store and buy some dog food and I thought I could get a couple of things for myself like an astringent and some whitening gel for my smiles. I had our driver bring me to the barber shop which apparently have a new management because of the new look and ambiance. It's much cleaner and professional looking. The barber did his job and I was pretty satisfied. I now have a cleaner and well groomed look versus the grungy I- am-so-lazy-to-have-my-hair-cut look.

Last Saturday night... I got drunk... and... I am so messed up. I don't think my brain can handle narrating it again. I feel embarassed from all the drama I have said. I need help, I need to be stronger.