Friday, June 30, 2006

Should I even feel any stress?

It's Like the Movie Hitchcock Never Bothered to Film

Conductor, over speaker: Excuse me, young lady in the pink shirt. Stop holding the door!
Someone else wearing a pink shirt: But I'm not!

--E train

And Yet I Want to Stab Her with my Apartment Key Approximately 700x Less than I Do Anyone Who Has Ever Said the Word 'Y'all'

Girl #1: Your guys-- Wait how do you pluralize that?
Girl #2: You guyses.

--Kings Highway & Coney Island Ave, Brooklyn

I know that stress is a good way of knowing that you have to do things right, but sometimes it is impossible to determine anything in a given situation given that you haven't any clue as to the other variables and/or you are powerless over finding a solution to a particular problem. Which in turn causes more stress. I have to learn to take it all in and just say "gus fraba". Some are big jerks, but I know I can be a bigger jerk. Payback is a bitch. So how can you handle the pressure of the circle of life? As we all say "what comes around goes around". With my sense of justice all I know is that you have to be responsible for your mistakes. Understand the circumstances that lead you to it. Then , as all mistakes mean, there is a chance to improve and grow. GUS FRABA.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Do ya undastand the wods camin out'f ma mawt?!

Wednesday One-Liners with a Side of Egg Roll

Asian girl to her white friend: Oh my God, we have to leave before someone else thinks I work here.

--store in Chinatown

Overheard by: shopper

Man, leading a small group of tourists: We are entering Little Korea. This is where you can find... little Koreans.

--M4 bus, 32nd St.

You should make your mama proud! hehehe :p

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

So L-A-Z-Y

About me
I am so lazy to do any reading or note taking that I should be doing tonight, or for the past other nights. I will be having terrible weeks after this because of cramming. I can't help it I am doing all of this stuff writing typing, processing,... Well maybe I should put more effort into my schedule and activities, but then again I am so tired... And fat... hay... Anyway, probably tomorrow I'll stop procastinating, ha! :D

I Only Flew an Airplane into It

Male intellectual: I was put in a mental hospital when I was fifteen. I still don't know why. I asked a doctor at one point, "Why am I here?" and he said, "Don't worry about it. You're very mentally ill, and it will take you a long time to recover." I said, "But what am I recovering from?" and he just said, "Don't worry about it." I still don't know why I was there. The only reason I can think of is, I have a terrible temper.
Female intellectual: Yes, but sweetie, your temper? It's abnormal. It's not like a human temper. It's insane.
Male intellectual: Well, maybe, but it's not like I blew up the World Trade Center.

--Cafe Henri, Long Island City

I know this is a catholic Christian morally upright country.... Ahem, well for most of us hopefully. But realistically morality is just a pendulum weight. Self-interests are really the fad for a couple of decades now, and probably for the last 100 years. Tell me have we gotten any better since we took hold of our fate, destiny, karma, future or whatever it is? Well as far as I know, when people are happy and they know it they clap their hands. When people are not happy, its an eye for an eye. Forgiveness is optional. Don't think too much because it's not nice, you'll get in the way. Thinking is for people who have power, they are the way. Everyone is nice and 'mabait'. Everyone has knives ready to stick behind someone's back, feel free to join. And if we don't like you, we don't... Sorry ka na lang. People are really real to those they like. If we feel insecure, threatened or having a bad day prepare for the worse.
If ever they say something's wrong about you, it is because 1)they dont like you 2) they're having a bad day 3)bad ka 4) bad sila 5)wala lang 6) mali ka 7) tama sila.
"Mali sila tama ako!" Ganun?.... This is how I think people think ha, maybe I'm wrong. I hope I'm wrong. I am always wrong.

But the point is, what is wrong with sex education. it has education in it, which is good. Then what about sex? Sex isn't bad. It isn't. Then putting them together causes problems in this country (Philippines) why? We are not going to teach them to be professional sluts, whores, giggolos and porn buffs. That's their self obligation and friend's responsibility. Don't tell the kids that sex is bad. Tell them that some people are not careful with whom they have sex with, so be mindful about that. Wear condoms to prevent the easy transmission of diseases. Sex isn't everything. Getting pregnant means a baby to feed and a painful ordeal at the end. Save pregnancy when you really know what you're getting into. Know your body and yourself, most especially. Have fun.

What am I talking about, what the hell... hay... so lazy