Friday, March 10, 2006

But I thought...?

This morning, I got out of bed around 6:30 and got dressed by 7:00 am. My younger sister didn't have any class, or that she's sick, anyway she wasn't going to school either way, so my brother and I were riding together. I went downstairs to have breakfast. I got some coffee, everyone was quiet. My dad told me to commute back home. But then Xavier is not LSGH that you can say that it's near the MRT station, so I just thought of riding a taxi on the way home.

And so I arrived pretty early 7:35, there were other applicants as well. I didn't bother talking to any of them, I just didn't feel talkative this morning. There was even a chinese teacher applicant, interseting. And so we waited. I think the other applicant were friends because they were taking to each other constantly, giggling and making comments. It was all blah, blah, blah, I didn't understand anything. And so after a while, we were all requested to proceed to the testing room as before. We waited again. And then I was the first one to be given a test. The others were there for their first interview, they were nervous I guess, because they were releasing it to chit chat, which was annoying, because I was in the room answering the test given to me. By the way, It was a personality test, with a 300 item true or false. And then, there was also fill in the blanks, and a ten sentence essay about a certain topic of your choice... I finished around 10 and submitted the answer sheet and questionare in the window outside the testing room. And then the HR lady told me to wait for a call to schedule me for a panel interview. Stage complete! On to the next.

So as instructed by my dad earlier, I went and got a taxi. I crossed ortigas avenue using the pedestrian bridge, and as I was going down I was able to hail a taxi. And then I told the driver to Quezon Avenue, National Bookstore, daan na lang po tayo ng Tomas Morato. Okay in the taxi we were listening to Ted and Korina, and they were talking about the Pinoy Big Brother, teen edition auditions. Ted and Korina are really good at making funny comments and conversations. And so we arrived at National and it was P75. And that's it, I walked home and played with the dogs. Went up to my room and changed clothes. Opened the computer and now I am typing what happened this morning.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Demo Complete, IQ test next

Mahabang kwentuhan nanaman!

This morning I made some final preparations and I was able to finish preparing for the demo that was scheduled for 3:05 pm. I arrived in Xavier around 2:30 and was directed to the TRC where I met Ferdie, who was scheduled for a second interview for 3:oo. From our conversation I found out that he is currently taking up his masters, and that he is also a professor. I hope I remember that correctly. He is from UP Diliman, which connotes smartness. He is applying to become a Science teacher or is it a Math teacher? Anyway we waited for a few minutes, had some small talk and then we were eventually called by the HR lady, who escorted us to the Principal's Office. While waiting for our respective appointments, another job applicant came into the room. His name is Dingdong, I think, and he studied to be a pilot but now he is applying to become a teacher because he took educational units. So the three of us waited, and entered into small chit chats. The conversation helped a lot in relieving some stress we all were feeling at that moment. Ferdie was the first one to be fetched for the appointment, we wished him luck and he did the same.

By 3:00 I was fetched by TJ, CLE 3rd year teacher, to 3G. As I left the room, I wished Dingdong luck. We went directly to the 3rd year floor.

TJ introduced me to the class and I started the demo. Of course I tried to follow my lesson plan and the PowerPoint presentation. Hopefully they liked what they observed from the demo. I had some problems with my English as sometimes I spoke incoherently, in slur, brocken grammar and cannot pronounce words properly. Maybe it was from the anxiety I was feeling. After the class, I was instructed to wait outside the Principal's Office for Ms. Santos. Ms. Santos came after a few minutes and we discussed a little about the experience. The conversation went something like, so you're tired, and I said yes. And then she asked if I was curious about the feedback, and I nodded in reply. She also asked about how the students were and I said they were agreeable. And then she told me that I still have to take a test. She told the secretary that I was being recommended for a test tomorrow morning, 8:00 to be exact. (I was so anxious I have a hard time remembering everything I have done during the demo and while talking to Ms. Santos.) She left me with the secretary and the secretary schedule me for a test in the TRC for tomorrow morning. The secretary also explained a little bit what will happen next. So I left Xavier thinking Ms. Santos didn't exactly give me any feedback, which is bothering me until now. I guess I just need to hear something about the demo. Oo nga pala, there were comments written by those who observed me, but I guess now is not the right time to know them. But I really am curious about what their opinions, comments or just even small suggestions.

Anyway, tomorrow I will go through the next phase which is the IQ test. I wish I could remember the entire hiring process as explained to me by the HR lady who interviewed me the first time. I feel doubtful about the IQ test. After that I might be called for hiring. I am hopeful, but at the same time I also feel a little carefree about it.

Of course as usual I reported everything to my parents, they were a little cranky tonight, maybe because of all the problems in Divisoria, or that I was too annoying. Anyway, they were their usual selves, as I am my usual self to them. I really smoked a lot today stressing before the demo and thinking about what the teachers think about the demo.

Correction, Ms. Santos is the CLE dep head. I don't know the Principal's name. But her face is familiar. TJ, Ms. Santos, Mr. Demegillo, the Principal, and I think 3 other teachers were there to observe the demo.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Just finished creating my lesson plan for tomorrow's demo teaching. At least the hard part is done and over with. I almost overlooked one minor mistake, instead of typing in Eighth I typed in Eight..., fortunately my sister was there to point that out. Still have to create a PowerPoint presentation, cramming is so much fun! hehehehe....

By the way, the reason why I am creating a lesson plan the night before the demo is because the supposed topic which was the 6th and 9th Commandment was changed to the 8th Commandment. So yesterday, I had to again conceptualize and research about the new topic and write a new lesson plan draft. I only had a few hours to do so because I have some work in my dad's office. Then we ate in a Korean restaurant and got back home around 9:30. By that time, my tummy is so full that I was really tired and sleepy... Procastination, bah! Wish me luck!

Good morning!

It's Wednesday morning, and I am feeling dazed.
Just had a dream last night this time it's a house of someone I know but we are not that personally close. He is the epitome of good grooming, presentability and someone every parent and adult would love. He can be the object of criticism and scrutiny. He can also be the object of admiration and pride. The house was what you would expect when you live in a grade A private subdivision. The furniture was all beautiful and elegant. I entered the sala, and lounged there comfortably. The feeling was of comfort, but there is also a feeling that I shouldn't be that comfortable. There were other people in the house, probably relatives and friends. I can hear conversations and I got a pretty good idea what they were talking about. They were talking about things they are going to do, or planning to do. The person in my dream went up to me and asked if I would like to watch a movie in the media room. I said yes, but he said that it is a scary movie and I might not like it. I said it's okay. Then I think I was accompanied by a girl who was a relative or a friend. we went to a hall and the dream ended.

As I can recall, the meaning of the house and the parts of the house reflects the self. The other details I have no sure idea.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

I like!

Happy, shalalala, it's so nice to be happy! :D