Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Family pics...

I love this younger picture of my mom. I think it was taken during the 70s. Observe the picture of Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos in the background.

The other picture to the right, is a 'family picture'. This one I don't like, but since it's such a rare picture I just have to consier it. We rarely have family pictures, ergo not everyone is in the picutre. Hopefully, in the future we get to have a decent family picture that I can post here.

By the way, the emperor in the previous entry is my dad. It was taken when my younger siblings and my parents went to Hong Kong. I am not sure what year it was but probably around 2002...

Hakuna Matata

Nothing new for the past days. I have been working for my dad these past days, waiting for a certain filipino-chinese private school to call and hire me. I am feeling desperate, but just because I want a decent job of my own and so that I can earn my self-worth again. As I have mentioned to people, I hope that they see that I deserve the job, if not then I continue to look somewhere else.

My father and I have been trying to contact this textile manufacturer from China, Xiangfeng Textile, A certain Jack Wang replied and now we are in email correspondence with him. I think this is the first time my father ever consiered in actuality the possibility of doing business through the internet. Bravo for him! I think it's a good idea to contact companies through email. The only thing is the perception that these companies using the internet tend to be in my "family's eyes" expensive and high profile. But still, I am hopeful, and I know that my dad is also feeling hopeful, because he keeps on asking if there is any reply from the company. I hope this is a sign that things will turn great for my dad and the family. You will never know, and we wouldn't know if we didn't try.