Saturday, June 24, 2006


Two-tailed cat possesor

Akatsuki 1

Akatsuki 2Ino
The manga has been very exciting and leaves you a bit hanging. There is a new character to emerge from the series, an unamed woman who posses the two tailed cat spirit. I suspect she is also quite powerful as Naruto and Gaara is. In the manga series she is dealing with two (newly introduced) Akatuski memebers. Probably we will see new powers and unbelievable abilities. Anyway, at last we see Ino again in the storyline. Hopefully she will show that she is as powerful as Sakura because knowing their rivalry they are very competitive with one another. She has grown her hair unlike Sakura who kept her her short.

What's next...

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Faster kill pussycat/ Superman trailer

Overheard in New York

Wednesday One-liners Are a Matter of Opinion

Ethan Hawke: Man, everybody's fat.

--Employees Only, Hudson St

Overheard by: molly

Guy on cell: But you're not fat in America!

--Ozzie's Coffee III, 5th Ave, Park Slope



I was watching David Letterman on cable and they happen to guest the new Ubermench and Britney. Good show. Britney Murphy has a single in which she is the lead singer for her friend uber-dj Paul Oakenfold. It is called Faster kill Pussycat. I downloaded the mp3 of Ares and it sounds like a good song to dance to. The music video looks good too. If you have that kind of talented friendship then collaborations are bound to sound/ look really good. I feel that Murphy's Hollywood status apmplifies the music a bit. She really looks more like a movie star rather than a pop/dance star compared to Janet or Madonna or even the other more commercial pop stars. But then again she could really make it because she is such a promising talented performer. Here's the clip from; Enjoy!

The new Superman movie looks promising. I am surely going to try to get the chance to catch it on the big screen. If I don't have the time, then there will surely be DVDs and VCDs to be content with. Here is a movie clip from, up up and away!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Not ready...

Inner Peace Isn't All It's Cracked Up to Be

Woman #1: Ma'am, could you please move your bag so I could sit down?
Woman #2: No, can't you see I'm busy, bitch? And I'm not movin this fuckin' thing. It's heavy and I don't want to pick it up again! Sit somewhere else.

She goes back to reading Jesus and Mary: The Key to Divine Love and Inner Peace.

--149th St station downtown platform

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A little update on my LET review. I have been stressing reading and reviewing nine chapters to date. Progress is very slow and the judgment day is fast approaching. Trying to stay cool about it, but I am not so very sure about all of this.

I have been working for the past five months. Work has been heavy and there hasn't been a day where I haven't been tired after the day is over, which makes it even harder to study. I have been eating like hell just to keep my energy up but I think it has an adverse effect because I feel more sleepy. Hakuna matata...