Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Sunday

Happy Easter!

I was browsing the web for some good laugh, and I got a pretty nasty thought inside my head... here read something from Overheard in New York

The Beds Were Covered with Sheet

Woman: This reminds me of the time my son caught us having sex in his bed.
Man: Which one?
Woman: The second time for my older son.
Man: Yeah...That was the filthiest sex ever.

--LIRR train

Overheard by: Sue Ludmilla

I mean this is just plain nasty!!! I wouldn't want to catch anyone in my bed having sex. That's just not right. But to also find out that it was done many times... and by your mother... and probably having an affair or watever? waaaah! Its hard enough to know that your parents are having or had sex, but for them to have sex with somebody else... arrggh! Oh well, that's just me. Who cares, but it just feels really nasty. I just feel sorry for the kid who had the misfortune to lay eyes on a natural disaster. Hey, at least he has something to tell his psychologist... :p